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Koh Chang Telephones & Useful Numbers

The international dialing code from Thailand is 001 followed by the relevant country code and number. The country code for Thailand is 0066 and the area code for Koh Chang is 039.


Koh Chang Phone Calls

International calls are reasonably cheap. Many internet and tour shops offer telephone services which are cheaper than hotel rates.

Mobile phone coverage in Koh Chang is good. You can use a mobile telephone from your home country if you have international roaming options.

Another alternative is to buy a mobile phone with a prepaid SIM card. You can buy a reasonable mobile phone with pre paid SIM card from as little as 1,500 baht.

You can purchase credit for your SIM card at any seven eleven store and most mini marts.

Popular makes of SIM Card in Thailand are 1-2-Call (also known as AIS) & True Move. Both offer similar call rates and good quality coverage on Koh Chang

More in formation on call rates and promotions can be found by clicking the following links


True Move


Koh Chang Useful Numbers

Tourist Police 039 651 351
Koh Chang Police Station 039 521 657
Koh Chang Hospital 039 586 131
Koh Chang International Clinic 039 551 151
Bangkok Trat Hospital 039 532 735
Trat Hospital 039 511 040
Laem Ngob Hospital 039 597 040
Koh Kood Hospital 039 521 852
Koh Chang Dental Clinic 086 320 0702
Koh Chang Pharmacy 081 952 3583
PP Clinic International 039 557 211
Fire Brigade Station 039 511 044
Immigration Office (Trat) 039 597 261
TAT Office (Trat) 039 597 259
Post Office (Koh Chang) 039 551 240
Post Office (Laem Ngob) 039 597 240
Bangkok Airways 039 525 777
Bus Terminal 039 511 986
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