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Koh Chang Weather - อากาศเกาะช้าง
Koh Chang
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Koh Chang
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Koh Chang Weather

Mornings are mostly unbroken sunshine with a light northerly, refreshing sea breeze. After lunch, the weather will remain hot and sunny but with the posibility of some cloud building up later in the afternoon, especially over the mountains. This will, however, make for some spectacular sunsets. Evenings will be a little cooler, as winds are likely to freshen up after dark. The possibility of rain at this time of year is minimal and humidity is medium.

Koh Chang Weather Forecast

Klong Plu River

Trat Weather

Daily Forecast Eastern Thailand
Date 17/04/2015

06:00 Today - 06:00 Tomorrow

Hot with haze during the day.

Minimum temperature 23-26 °C.

Maximum temperature 33-38 °C. Southeasterly winds 15-30 km/hr.

Wave height about 1 meter.

Temperature Forecast (°C)

Koh Chang  High 35  Low 24

Trat  High 35  Low 25

Chantaburi  High 36  Low 25

Pattaya  High 35  Low 25

Weather Facts

On Average
  April is the Warmest
    Average Temp:   34°C - 93°F  
  Min Temp:   24°C - 75°F  
  Rainy Days:   12  
  Rain Fall:   138 mm  
December is the Driest
  Average Temp:   31°C - 88°F  
  Min Temp:   21°C - 70°F  
  Rainy Days:   3  
  Rain Fall:   23 mm  
January is the Coolest
  Average Temp:   32°C - 89°F  
  Min Temp:   20°C - 68°F  
  Rainy Days:   4  
  Rain Fall:   38 mm  
August is the Wettest
  Average Temp:   33°C - 91°F  
  Min Temp:   24°C - 75°F  
  Rainy Days:   28  
  Rain Fall:   1,098 mm  

Travelling around or planning a holiday to Thailand. Our Climate Map can help you plan the best times to visit and make the most of Thailand's good weather.


Seasonal Weather

High Season - Nov - Feb

Avg Daily Temp: 32ºC / 90ºF

Probably the best time of year to visit Koh Chang, especially if you are a sun seeker. Koh Chang's beaches return to there best at this time of the year with wide open spaces, white sand and clear blue seas.

The weather is dry, hot & sunny with mostly unbroken blue skies. Humidity is low and the weather is a lot more bearable at this time of year.

Mid Season - March - May

Avg Daily Temp: 34ºC / 93ºF

Not as sunny and a little warmer than High Season. This is still a nice time to visit the island. it is a little quieter and ideal for those who are seeking some peace & solitude.

The weather is dry, hot & humid the skies are mostly cloudy but there are also some long spells of good sunny weather. Afternoons tend to give way to a heavy rain shower or thunder storm.

Low Season - June - Oct

Avg Daily Temp: 32ºC / 90ºF

Also known as the Rainy Season it is still possible to have a good holiday during the Low Season. Waterfalls, plant and wildlife are at there best on Koh Chang at this time of year.

The weather is hot, humid & wet. It will not rain every day, most sunny periods will be during the mornings but it does normally rain during the night.

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