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Koh Chang Snorkeling Tour
Koh Chang
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Koh Chang Snorkeling

Snorkeling in the clear blue waters of the Koh Chang Marine National Park where the water is always clear and there is an abundance of fish and coral and other wildlife to be seen.

Leaving from the fishing village of Bang Bao in the south of Koh Chang. The boat will head south to the islands of Koh Thong Lang, Koh Rung, Koh Loan and finally beautiful island of Koh Wai.

The boat will stop for about 1 hour at each of the four islands and you will have the opportunity to swim, snorkel or go exploring on some of Koh Chang's exotic tropical islands.

A traditional Thai lunch of chicken curry with rice or a vegetarian alternative, fresh fruits and light refreshments are served on board when travelling between islands of Koh Rang and Koh Loan.

Koh Chang Snorkeling Tour

Snorkeling Tour Boat   Snorkeling Tour Boat s at Bang Bao  Koh Loan a Rockey Island Exploring the Beaches 

Koh Wai Island Beach  Snorkeling with the Fish  Coral Reefs  Swimming near to Koh Loan 

Snorkeling Tour Package

Pick up from your hotel on Koh Chang is at 08.30am, returning at 5.30pm. A Snorkel and Mask are included and Flippers can be rented on board for 100 baht.

Return Transport from your Hotel on Koh Chang
Traditional Thai Lunch
Trained and Experienced Tour Guides
Life Jacket
Snorkel and Mask

Child Policy
Children who are less than 14 Years old have to do the activity with a responsible adult.

Activities can be done in drizzling rain, however, in case of rain storm cancellations can be made on the scheduled date. No charge will be incurred.

Recommended Clothing
Remove jewellery and anything that could get tangled. Tie back your hair and tie on your glasses!


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Snorkeling Tour Booking

Koh Chang Snorkeling Time Price
4 Islands Adult All Day 600
4 Islands child under 6 All Day 300



4 Islands in one day

Koh Chang Boat Trip Provide an all day Snorkeling Tour where you can visit 4 exotic islands in one day on a traditional Thai Fishing Boat.

The islands of Koh Rang and Koh Wai offer scenic beaches to explore or just relax in the sun and take in the beautiful view from the sandy shores.

i-site Koh Chang is fully licensed by the Tourist Authority of Thailand. TAT License No 13/01365