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Koh Chang Jungle Trekking
Koh Chang
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Jungle Trekking South
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Koh Chang Jungle Trekking (south)

Walking on Koh Chang in the jungle near to Bang Bao fishing village. This hidden natural paradise is the spectacular tropical rainforest of Koh Chang.

Along the way there will be many opportunities to view Koh Chang's plant & wildlife. The rainforest on Koh Chang is home to a variety of animals; monkeys, birds, tarantula spider's, lizards and snakes. You will have the opportunity to stop at one of the inland waterfalls for a swim and lunch.

Trekking around Bang Bao

StartingĀ in the south of Koh Chang we will walk north along an easy track towards the interior of the island. The trail that we will follow is a one way loop that is mostly in the shade, covered by rainforest trees.

Most of this trek is a leisurely walk but there are some areas that require climbing, crossing streams, walking on river stones and on top of waterfalls. Along the way will encounter a Tarzan rope swing, a bamboo forest.

There will be frequent stops along the way to observe wild life plant life and scenic overviews. You can expect to see giant trees and other plants. There are many areas for viewing monkeys, birds, tarantula spider's, reptiles insects and snakes.

Jungle Trekking South

Koh Chang Trekking up the river  View of the Forest  Trekking in the Jungle   Fun at the  Waterfall 

Mount Salak Phet Trek to the top

Mount Salak Phet is 744 meters at its peak and is Koh Chang's highest mountain. The trek to the top takes approximately 5 hours.

Along the way we spend time viewing the spectacular plant and animal life that lives in the rainforest.

Once we reach the summit of Mount Salak Phet Mountain you will realise why you came, this is where you will reap your reward for a challenging climb

You will have breathtaking and 360 degree views of the lush jungle terrain as it meets the spectacular blue of the ocean.

You will also be able to look down over the bay of Bang Boa and on the birds flying below.


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Koh Chang Jungle Trekking south Booking

Koh Chang Jungle Treks Time Price
Trek around Bang Bao 7 hours 800
Top of Mt Salak Phet 9 hours 1,200



Jungle Trekking Tour Package

Return Transport from your hotel in Koh Chang
A Qualified Tour Guide will supervise the trek

Child Policy
Children who are less than 12 Years old have to do the activity with a responsible adult.

Activities can be done in drizzling rain, however, in case of rain storm, cancellations can be made on the scheduled date and no charge will be incurred.

Recommended clothing
Shoes or Sneakers, NO SANDALS
Comfortable outdoor clothing for ease of movement
Remove jewellery and anything that could get tangled
Tie back your hair and tie on your glasses

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