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Koh Chang Elephant Trekking at Ban Kwan Chang
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Koh Chang Elephant Trekking

Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp is located on the islands of Koh Chang in the northern forests. The Elephant Camp is a sanctuary for elephants which live there. Ban Kwan Chang currently have about 10 Elephants of varying ages and personalities.

Visiting the Elephant Camp you will have the chance to experience the life of the elephant in a natural environment.

Elephants are lead by a or elephant keeper or mahout. You will find out that there keepers show a deep devotion and respect to their elephants.

It becomes immediately obvious that an elephant on a trek is a happy elephant. This is because they have access to plants and food they would not normally have at the elephant camp.

You can expect to stop at numerous points during your trek of Koh Chang's northern jungle, so the elephants can feed on the foliage.

Koh Chang Elephant Trekking

Elephant in the Jungle  Large Male Elephant  Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp  Elephant out Walking 

2 Hour Elephant Trekking

Includes a 1 hour elephant trek into the forest, 30 minute elephant bathing in one of the near by rivers and another 30 minutes feeding the elephants & enjoying a short elephant performance.

1 Hour Elephant Trekking

Includes a 40 minute elephant trek into the forest and a 20 minutes feeding the elephants & enjoying an elephant performance.


Elephant Trekking Package

Transport from your hotel on Koh Chang
Trained and Experienced Tour Guides
Food for the Elephants
Light Refreshments are available

Child Policy
Children who are less than 14 Years old have to do the activity with a responsible adult.

Activities can be done in drizzling rain, however, in case of rain storm, cancellations can be made on the scheduled date and no charge will be incurred.

Recommended Clothing
Remove jewellery and anything that could get tangled. Tie back your hair and tie on your glasses.

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Elephant Treks Booking

Koh Chang Elephant Treks Time Price
Elephant Trek Adult 1 hour 850
Elephant Trek Child 1 hour 500
Elephant Trek Adult 2 hours 1500
Elephant Trek Child 2 hours 800


Elephant Shows

Performances are not mandatory for elephants, and are only given by those that were previously trained to perform. Tours include water and bananas, for the elephants as well as free taxi transfer from your hotel to the Camp in the north of Koh Chang.

We will take you to the places that elephants should live but never bring the elephants to where the people live.


The Asian Elephant Art and Conservation Project of which, our very own Jintara is one of the elephant artists.

Elephant artwork is sold to raise funds for the conservation of Asian Elephants, with 30% of the sale going directly back to the elephant that created the painting.

The money raised by Jintara goes toward providing Ban Kwan Chang elephants with additional food, proper veterinary care, and improved shelter

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