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Koh Chang
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About Koh Chang

Koh Chang is located on Thailand's eastern seaboard approximately 330 kilometres southeast of Bangkok, in the province of Trat and is Thailand's second largest Island. Despite its size and close proximity to Bangkok it remains one of Thailand's lesser know islands. Surrounded by 52 other smaller Islands Koh Chang falls under the jurisdiction of Koh Chang's Marine National Park.

Koh Chang National Marine Park

The largest island in the Marine Park, at approximately 429 square kilometres. Koh Chang was named for its so called elephant shape.

The landscape of this beautiful island contains an array of high mountains regions, complex stone cliffs and deep gorges. The interior of the island is covered by dense virgin rain forest. The tallest of Koh Chang's Mountains is Kao Salak Phet, which is 744 meters high.

The west coast is covered in pristine white sandy beaches where Sunbathing, Swimming & Snorkeling are all popular activities. The Beach is also the perfect place to relax while watching some of Koh Chang's beautiful sunsets.


Koh Chang White Sands Beach


The interior of the island boasts a number of scenic waterfalls and has a rich diverse range of plant, bird & wildlife, making the island an ideal place for forest walks and trekking.

While Waterfalls such as Klong Plu on the west coast or Than Mayom (pictured to the left) in the east are, in the most part, easily accessible. It is recommended that a guide is used to trek the interior of the island. The best Time to visit the waterfalls is during the low season when the rain is plentiful.

A National Park Entrance fee of 200 baht for adults and 100 baht for children is charged at some of the more popular waterfalls. (Than Mayom & Klong Plu)


 Koh Chang Than Mayom Waterfall

Rain Forest

Koh Chang also has many other sites of natural beauty and taking one of the organised jungle treks is an excellent way to see more of the interior of the island, its plant and wildlife.

Jungle Treks south near to Bang Boa fishing village and Mount Salak Phet, Koh Chang's highest mountain where you will have some stunning 360 degree views of Koh Chang.

Jungle Treks north near to the Waterfall in Klong Son and Ban Kwan Chang Elephant camp where you can ride an elephant in to the low lying jungle. Treks in the north also take in Mount Jom, which overlooks White Sands Beach.


Jungle Trekking in the Rain Forest

Elephant Camps

Although Koh Chang is Known as the Elephant Island, Elephants are not indigenous to the island. They were first brought to the island about 15 years ago.

There are a number of Elephant Camps on Koh Chang but we recommend Elephant Trekking at Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp, which is located in the north of Koh Chang.

Ban Kwan Chang offers a unique opportunity to ride an elephant through the low lying jungle of the northern forests and rivers that cut through them.

Ban Kwan Chang is also part of the The Asian Elephant Art and Conservation Project.


Elephant Trekking up the River


In addition to Koh Chang's sites of natural beauty and breath taking scenery the island has many other sites and attractions that can easily be visited.

The Chao Po Chinese Temple in the north, near to Klong Son, is a popular attractions, as is the Temple at Klong Prao (Watt Klong Prao).

When visiting the temples, as always with all temples in Thailand, please remember to dress smartly and remove your shoes when entering.

Most of the larger towns on Koh Chang will have a traditional Thai market, at least once a week. These are great fun to visit and practice your newly found bartering skills.


 Koh Chang Chao Po, Chinese Temple

Fishing Villages

Koh Chang is home to a number of small fishing villages which you can visit. Bang Boa in the southwest is probably the best known and the main point to leave for the islands in the south.

The lesser Known villages of Salak Phet and Salak Khok are also in the south but on the eastern side of the island. Salak Phet is home to one of Koh Chang's best seafood restaurants, Salak Phet Seafood.

Transport to the east side of the island is limited unless you have a car or scooter. taking one of the organised Koh Chang Island Sightseeing Tours can be a great way to see the east coast and is a lot less hassle than trying to get there yourself.


Bang Bao  Fishing Village

Neighbouring Islands

The islands in the Koh Chang National Marine Park are the best place to view an abundance of marine life and many colourful coral reefs. The Koh Rang group of islands provide some stunning underwater scenery. Ao Klong Son in the north also has a reef worth exploring, located near to Koh Chang Noi.

The warm clear blue waters around these islands make it an ideal location for many water sports and beach activities. Snorkeling, Speed Boat Tours and Diving are all very popular activities for visitors.

A ferry & speed boat services depart from Bang Bao to the islands of Koh Wai, Koh Mak & Koh Kood for day trips or island tours


Koh Chang Marine National Park, Koh Loan Island
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