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Bangkok Airways


Getting to Koh Chang

Koh Chang is quickly becoming one of the more popular tourist destinations in Thailand and attracts travellers from all over the world. Getting to Koh Chang is now much easier than in the past. The quickest and most comfortable way to is to fly but regular minibuses, taxis, coaches and VIP Busses leave from many destinations including Bangkok and Pattaya

Flights to Koh Chang

Flying from Bangkok to Koh Chang (Trat). Bangkok Airways operate a regular service from Bangkok International Airport (Savarnabhumi) to Trat Airport.

You can use the Bangkok Airways web site to check flight times. During high season there are 4 flights a day and in low season 2 flights. The Bangkok to Trat flight takes about 55 minutes.

Trat Airport is about 20 minutes away from the nearest car ferry Pier, Aow Thammachat. The ferry runs every half an hour and the crossing takes about 30 minutes.

An Airport Minibus shuttle service runs between Trat Airport and Koh Chang. The Minibus will drop off or pick up from your hotel.


Bangkok Airways Plane

Minibus & Taxi Transfer

Minibus and Taxis Transfers run regularly between Koh Chang Bangkok and Pattaya. Both private transfers or join trip transfers are available to be booked

Koh Chang - Bangkok

Transfer between Koh Chang & Bangkok are Direct. The journey between Koh Chang and Bangkok takes about 5 hours.

Koh Chang - Pattaya

Minibuses run between Koh Chang & Pattaya stop in Ban Pae to pick up visitors travelling from Koh Samet. The journey between Koh Chang and Pattaya takes about 4 hours.


Koh Chang Minibus Transfer

Use the link below to book transfers between
Koh Chang - Bangkok & Pattaya

Koh Chang Taxis & Minibus Transfers


Drive Bangkok to Koh Chang

You should leave Bangkok on Highway 3, the Bang Na-Trad Highway.

Choose the elevated road it is a toll motorway but is much quicker and safer, as there are less cars than the bottom road and the elevated road is in a much better state of repair..

Follow the signs for Chonburi and then the Pattaya & Rayong bypass.

Turn off on to Highway 344 and follow the signs to Klaeng where you should turn left at the crossroads on to Highway 3, then continue towards Trat.

About 20 Km's before Trat you should turn right on to the 3156 road and follow the road to Aow Thammachat.

Drive Pattaya to Koh Chang

Leave Pattaya on Highway 36 towards Rayong and then join Highway 3 to Trat. About 20 Km's before Trat you should turn right on to the 3156 road and follow the road to Aow Thammachat.


Koh Chang Taxi Transfer
Road to Bangkok

Buses between Bangkok & Koh Chang

VIP bus and Coach services run between Koh Chang and Bangkok. Tickets can be booked through any Travel Agent or reputable Hotel.

Buses leave Bangkok from 8.00am onwards and journey takes 6 hours to get to the ferry pier in Trat.

If you bought a ticket without a complementary ferry crossing a tickets for the ferry can be bought at the piers. The crossing costs about 100 baht.

There will be plenty of taxis waiting on the other side to take you to your destination once you reach Koh Chang.



Koh Chang Ferry

From Trat there are two car ferries, Aow Thammachat & Centre Point. Aow Thammachat should be the preferred drop off point.

The ferry from Aow Thammachat to Koh Chang runs more frequently and the journey time is much shorter. The crossing taking only 20 minutes. The ferry crossing Centre Point to Koh Chang can take up to an hour to cross

From either ferry pier on Koh Chang you can catch a taxis (Songthaew) to your destination on Koh Chang or hire a motorcycle at the ferry pier to continue your journey.


Koh Chang Ferry Aow Thamachat

Those of you travelling to the east coast of Koh Chang (i.e. Long Beach) should be aware that taxis do not normally travel this route and hiring a taxi for the journey can be expensive.

The last ferry leaves from Trat for Koh Chang at 19.00 pm.


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